Iran Counterterrorism Act of 2023

Date of Vote: April 17, 2024

Chamber of Origin: HouseCongress: 118th

Roll Call Number: 140 | Session Number: 2

This bill modifies the authority of the President to waive restrictions on certain U.S. accounts of foreign financial institutions that have facilitated significant financial transactions on behalf of the Central Bank of Iran, certain Iranian financial institutions, or certain Iranian nationals. Current law authorizes the President to waive these restrictions for national security purposes. Under this bill, the President may also waive the restrictions if the President determines that Iran has ceased to provide support for acts of international terrorism. The bill also authorizes Congress to enact a joint resolution of disapproval to prevent the President from waiving the restrictions for national security purposes.1

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Voted yea

Robert AderholtUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:87.88
Jerry CarlUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:96.97
Barry MooreUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:100.00
Gary PalmerUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:96.97
Mike Rogers US CongressAlabama
Session Score:86.36
Dale StrongUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:90.91

Voted nay

Terri SewellUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:13.64
Pete AguilarUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:15.15
Nanette BarragánUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:12.12
Ami BeraUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:15.15
Julia BrownleyUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:16.67
Salud CarbajalUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:15.15

Not voting

Raul GrijalvaUS CongressArizona
Session Score:34.85
Yadira CaraveoUS CongressColorado
Session Score:48.48
Richard E. NealUS CongressMassachusetts
Session Score:16.67
Dean PhillipsUS CongressMinnesota
Session Score:30.30
Blaine LuetkemeyerUS CongressMissouri
Session Score:86.36
Susie LeeUS CongressNevada
Session Score:43.94


No legislators have been found in this category


No legislators have been found in this category


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