Gen Z Coalition

Join the expanding army of young conservatives fighting to save America. Now more than ever, young conservatives are stepping up to the Left to stop the spread of harmful ideas such as socialism, limited free speech, and affirmative action in schools and work settings. We are dedicated to empowering the next generation of conservatives who are fighting to preserve our nation.

As a member of TPAction’s Gen Z Coalition, you’ll be part of a powerful movement that is making a difference in our country.

Our goal is to encourage coalition leaders to recruit new activists, register voters, become precinct leaders, and chase the vote in order to restore true American values.


Republican voters and build key relationships in battleground states.

American patriots to vote and encourage them throughout the voting process.

Thousands of patriotic voters at our powerful events and rallies.

Hundreds of thousands of voters to their polling locations on Election Day.

Reestablishing traditional American values and principles into society. The Gen Z Coalition stands for bringing back the core patriotic principles of the United States.

Living is unaffordable and it’s impacting no generation greater than that of Gen Z. Gas, groceries, and housing costs continue to rise everyday. The Gen Z Coalition will advocate for sensible spending at a local and federal level to allow them to prosper and ensure a strong economic future.

Gen Z stands strongly against being drafted into any more trillion-dollar proxy wars in resource-rich foreign countries, as we’ve seen in the past.



Our mission is unachievable without your help. We accept a wide range of donation options to ensure the preservation of this great country!

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Turning Point Action (TPAction) is a 501(c)(4) organization. We exist to equip and empower all generations to engage in grassroots activism and emerge as leaders in their communities.

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