Ranked Choice Voting
  • Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV), or “instant runoff voting,” is a complex election system meant to confuse and silence voters.

  • No longer would elections be “one person, one vote.” The process for RCV is burdensome on voters, making corruption inevitable.

  • Candidates would never have to take a stance on critical issues because RCV favors centrist candidates.

RCV is a scam

What RCV does:

Destroys election integrity

Silences Voters

Creates Voter Disqualifications


Delays results

What RCV does NOT do:

Promote the majority voice

Secure elections

Make the candidate with the most 1st place ranks the winner

Creates a Fake Majority

This process deters candidates from taking stances on important issues, giving those who campaigned on zero substance an unfair advantage. The only voices that hold influence would be the professional political consultant class.

Lowers Voter Participation

Elections that utilize RCV have resulted in more votes being discarded than those being counted.¹


The education needed to transition to RCV is expensive and ineffective.²

¹ https://thefga.org/research/ranked-choice-voting-a-disaster-in-disguise/

² https://alaskapolicyforum.org/2021/12/alaskans-are-right-to-worry-about-ranked-choice-voting/


  • Maine: In the 2018 election, voters reported confusion with RCV, and faced multiple delays.

  • Minneapolis: In the 2013 Mayoral election, poll workers shared that the complexity of the process created unnecessary delays.

  • San Francisco: In the 2004 Mayoral election voters were forced to wait weeks before a winner was announced.

  • Arizona: RCV will be on the 2024 ballot so the voters can decide the future of Arizona’s election freedoms.

  • Alaska: RCV passed by half a percent and has caused confusion, lowered voter turnout, and disenfranchised voters.

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Be sure to contact your state and federal representatives and DEMAND that America needs to be RANKED CHOICE FREE.

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Election IntegrityElection Integrity

Election Integrity

Every American has a right to trust that their vote was counted fairly. Turning Point Action believes that we must secure our elections from fraud to ensure the political process remains free and fair to all legally authorized voters.



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