Antisemitism Awareness Act of 2023

Date of Vote: May 1, 2024

Chamber of Origin: HouseCongress: 118th

Roll Call Number: 172 | Session Number: 2

This bill is an affront to the Constitution In response to campus anti-Israel protests, the House is rushing to to vote on a new bill, HR 6090. This new bill would officially define "Antisemitism" so the federal government can sue, prosecute, or sanction more people, businesses, and universities for supposed violations of civil rights law. This bill is flagrantly unconstitutional and an appalling attack on the First Amendment. This bill would make it illegal to compare Israeli policies to Nazi policies. It would make it illegal to describe Israel as racist. It would make it illegal to accuse an American citizen of being more loyal to Israel than to the United States. All of those behaviors might be stupid or repugnant, but they are indisputably protected by the First Amendment. Yet now, Congressional Republicans are rushing to gut the First Amendment in order to pass a Europe-style ban on supposed "hate speech." Rioters should be arrested. Unhinged Israel-hating students who take over buildings and refuse to leave should be expelled.1

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Voted yea

A. Drew FergusonUS CongressGeorgia
Session Score:87.78
Aaron BeanUS CongressFlorida
Session Score:100.00
Abigail SpanbergerUS CongressVirginia
Session Score:35.56
Adam SchiffUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:23.33
Adam SmithUS CongressWashington
Session Score:18.89
Adrian SmithUS CongressNebraska
Session Score:86.67

Voted nay

Al GreenUS CongressTexas
Session Score:12.22
Alexandria Ocasio-CortezUS CongressNew York
Session Score:12.22
Andrew S. ClydeUS CongressGeorgia
Session Score:100.00
André CarsonUS CongressIndiana
Session Score:14.44
Andy BiggsUS CongressArizona
Session Score:98.89
Andy KimUS CongressNew Jersey
Session Score:24.44

Not voting

Dan CrenshawUS CongressTexas
Session Score:88.89
David TroneUS CongressMaryland
Session Score:31.11
Emanuel CleaverUS CongressMissouri
Session Score:28.89
Emilia SykesUS CongressOhio
Session Score:40.00
Glenn ThompsonUS CongressPennsylvania
Session Score:91.11
Glenn GrothmanUS CongressWisconsin
Session Score:94.44


No legislators have been found in this category


No legislators have been found in this category


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