Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act

Date of Vote: May 7, 2024

Chamber of Origin: HouseCongress: 118th

Roll Call Number: 184 | Session Number: 2

This bill modifies the process by which the Department of Energy (DOE) amends, revokes, or implements energy conservation standards for certain consumer products (other than automobiles), such as household appliances. First, the bill eliminates the requirement under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act for DOE, within six years of issuing a final rule establishing or amending such standard, to issue a new proposed rule or publish a notice that the standard does not need to be amended. Instead, the bill allows DOE to publish a notice of proposed rulemaking for prescribing a new or amended energy conservation standard for a consumer product at any time. Next, the bill specifies that DOE may grant a petition to revoke or amend energy conservation standards if it finds that the standards (1) result in additional costs to consumers, (2) do not result in significant conservation of energy or water, (3) are not technologically feasible, and (4) result in a product (e.g., gas stoves) not being commercially available in the United States to all consumers. Finally, the bill modifies the criteria used to prescribe new or amended energy conservation standards. For example, new energy conservation standards must be technologically feasible and economically justified1

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Voted yea

Aaron BeanUS CongressFlorida
Session Score:100.00
Adrian SmithUS CongressNebraska
Session Score:86.67
Andrew R. GarbarinoUS CongressNew York
Session Score:91.11
Andrew S. ClydeUS CongressGeorgia
Session Score:100.00
Andy BiggsUS CongressArizona
Session Score:98.89
Andy BarrUS CongressKentucky
Session Score:86.67

Voted nay

Abigail SpanbergerUS CongressVirginia
Session Score:35.56
Adam SchiffUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:23.33
Adam SmithUS CongressWashington
Session Score:18.89
Adriano EspaillatUS CongressNew York
Session Score:22.22
Al GreenUS CongressTexas
Session Score:12.22
Alexandria Ocasio-CortezUS CongressNew York
Session Score:12.22

Not voting

A. Drew FergusonUS CongressGeorgia
Session Score:87.78
Alex MooneyUS CongressWest Virginia
Session Score:87.78
André CarsonUS CongressIndiana
Session Score:14.44
David SchweikertUS CongressArizona
Session Score:96.67
David TroneUS CongressMaryland
Session Score:31.11
Dean PhillipsUS CongressMinnesota
Session Score:36.67


No legislators have been found in this category


No legislators have been found in this category


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