Atomic Energy Advancement Act

Date of Vote: February 28, 2024

Chamber of Origin: HouseCongress: 118th

Roll Call Number: 55 | Session Number: 2

This bill establishes various requirements to accelerate the deployment of nuclear energy technologies, such as advanced nuclear reactors. Specifically, the bill sets forth requirements that direct the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to efficiently license and regulate nuclear energy activities. The bill also revises the NRC's hiring process to enable the NRC to respond to a severe shortage of candidates or a critical hiring need by using direct hiring for certain positions to carry out NRC's responsibilities and activities in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. It also reduces certain licensing fees charged by the NRC for advanced nuclear reactors. Further, it authorizes the Department of Energy (DOE) to make awards that pay for certain licensing fees. Additionally, the bill directs the NRC to promulgate a final rule that implements a process to facilitate efficient and timely environmental reviews of nuclear reactor applications.1

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Voted yea

Robert AderholtUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:87.88
Jerry CarlUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:96.97
Barry MooreUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:100.00
Gary PalmerUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:96.97
Terri SewellUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:13.64
Dale StrongUS CongressAlabama
Session Score:90.91

Voted nay

Nanette BarragánUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:12.12
Robert GarciaUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:15.15
Jared HuffmanUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:13.64
Sydney Kamlager-DoveUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:9.09
Ro KhannaUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:16.67
Barbara LeeUS CongressCalifornia
Session Score:12.12

Not voting

Mike Rogers US CongressAlabama
Session Score:86.36
Paul GosarUS CongressArizona
Session Score:90.91
Raul GrijalvaUS CongressArizona
Session Score:34.85
Doug LambornUS CongressColorado
Session Score:84.85
Gus M. BilirakisUS CongressFlorida
Session Score:96.97
Michael WaltzUS CongressFlorida
Session Score:93.94


Marcy KapturUS CongressOhio
Session Score:31.82


No legislators have been found in this category


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