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The TPACTION mobile app is vital to successfully carry out TPAction’s Chase The Vote operation that will help secure a victory in 2024. This operation will be the largest and most sophisticated ballot chasing operation the movement has ever seen. It all starts with our mobile application.

Path to Victory

step 1

Download the app

step 2

Enter your phone number

To get started, click the top-left corner tab located on the homepage to find the phone number field. Enter your phone number in the app.

step 3

Leverage the application

To effectively mobilize voters, you need reliable data and advanced communication capabilities to build lasting relationships with members of your community. This application has everything you need in one place to ensure success!


Within the App, you will find voter lists, optimal door knocking routes, and detailed scripts to help you prioritize ballot submissions during contact sessions.


In addition to having access to step-by-step mobilization solutions, you will also be able to understand how the voter prefers to submit their ballot before making contact. This is critical to building short and long-term strategies.


Entering your phone number also allows you to easily make calls and texts through the App, as well as create follow-up campaigns to contact voters in the future. To make a call on the App, go to Make Calls and easily find voters near you! To send texts through the App, select Send Texts and find an easy-to-understand list of voters in your area. The App provides you preloaded text scripts as well as an automated phone tree to send one message to all recipients through multiple channels and to any device.


The App also includes features to help strengthen voter data in real-time. Following door-knocking interactions, you will be tasked to rating contacts on a scale of their political leanings. Having accurate data will ensure that you are able to have effective conversations with voters over the long-term.

step 4

Collect new contact information from those that you engage with

The App allows you to upload a contact, match phone contacts, or create new ones! You can easily find this ability by going to Contact Sign-Up.

step 5

Activate the grassroots army through relational organizing

One simple call or text can be responsible for someone participating in an election! Relational organizing is the key to building activism and voter participation in key target communities.

Turning Point Action Coalitions will serve as a crucial component of TPAction’s long-term ballot-chasing strategy by ensuring that the right people are in the right place to build trust and communicate with voters on a 1-on-1 level.

Both the App and Turning Point Action Coalitions are necessary relational organizing tools to successfully track and chase ballots.



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